Features of Washokujob


No monthly listing fees. Completely success-based.

There are no costs until an employment contract is concluded. Once an applicant applies, we will notify your company. After that, you will communicate directly with the applicant. Please contact us first.


Abundant industry experience centered on Japanese cuisine.

Washokujob specializes in Japanese cuisine within the food service industry. We have various registered members including chefs, head chefs, hall staff, and managers.


We provide job listing translation service for restaurants worried.

For restaurants that find it difficult to create job postings in Japanese, we offer translation services.

Flow until employment

Contact us

Please contact us using the inquiry form below.

Create a job posting

Please create a job vacancies according to our job details form.
The content of the job vacancies should be reviewed every six months.

Post on the job site (WashokuJob.com)

We will post your job on our site. Please review the posted content every six months.

Applicant application

We will notify you at the registered email address once an applicant applies.

Approach the applicant

Please contact the applicant via email or phone. Also, request the submission of necessary documents such as a resume.

Interview and selection

Conduct interviews and selection at your company.

Hiring and joining

When an employment contract is concluded and the employee starts working, we will invoice the advertising fee.

Important personnel to support the future of your restaurant are waiting.
Feel free to contact us first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are interviews conducted?

Interviews are basically conducted via internet phone (e.g., Zoom).

What about visa acquisition?

The employer company will handle the visa acquisition process for the applicant.

Is housing preparation necessary?

There are no regulations. Please set housing and various allowances according to your company’s employment conditions.