Washokujob is sharing the taste of authentic Japanese cuisine with the world! Today, we would like to share the flow of Washokujob's hiring process with you!

These are the steps we use to help ensure that our clients find talented chefs and employees: Step 1: Washokujob collects details regarding the open position(s) from the client Step 2: Creation of Job Description: after receiving confirmation from the client, we create a Job Description (JD) which we will use to reach out to our registered candidates Step 3: Posting of JD & Introduction to Candidates: the Washokujob team will post the JD on our website as well as follow up with all interested/qualified candidates individually Step 4: Interview between Candidates and Career Advisors: review candidates' work history, desired position, preferred working conditions, etc. before relaying the candidates' information to the client Step 5: Feedback for the Client: introduction and recommendation of candidates that are best-suited to meet the client's specific hiring needs Step 6: Interview & Results: the interview can be held either in-person or online as needed Step 7: Successful Hiring: signing the work agreement contract, beginning employment, and delivery of the fee invoice

Note: Washokujob does not charge any fees during the hiring process. We only charge a service fee after a candidate is successfully hired and begins working at your restaurant/dining establishment.

For more info contact us: +81 3 5312 6872 agent@washokujob.com washokujob.com